Body Weight Training

What else do you need when you have Bodyweight Training

If you’re reading this, then you might be into strength and muscle building. You’ll know why bodyweight training nowadays so popular, there are many options for that like treadmills, weight machines, and free weights such as dumbbells, barbells, etc. As we age, our muscle mass tends to lose. This makes it harder to do the regular activities. That’s why we must look for ways to make them stronger. This is one of the reasons; these fitness instruments and gyming culture are gaining more and more popularity.

But what if you can’t get to the gym or can’t afford those expensive sets of instruments? The solution is Bodyweight training.

What is Bodyweight Training?

For muscle gain, we need to challenge our body with any kind of resistance against gravity, which can be internal (bodyweight) or external (instruments). Here, we use our body weight to perform the exercises. You can stimulate numerous muscles by doing a single exercise with your weight. They can be simple as ABC or hard as a rock, all depending upon how far you wanna go with your workout routine. Combining different routines will be beneficial like you can mix cardio with a good strength workout.

Bodyweight training is also ideal for people who like to work out at home. Start whenever you want to work out that routine of yours. Plus, you can utilize the time you would’ve wasted on traveling to the gym. No instrument, no worry, just Hit It.

Body Weight Training

Bodyweight training benefits

• Convenient: Bodyweight workouts are so handy. Since you don’t need anything to perform them, you can do them anywhere. In front of TV, backyard, park, garage, forest, as I said Anywhere. You’ll save money and space because you’ll be not buying those big weight machines.

• Building strength and endurance: Challenging the same group of muscles over time will lead them to grow stronger and thicker. This will eventually increase your stamina and power. Remember, it all will take time, so be patient and consistent.

• Better cognitive functioning: Who wouldn’t love good brain health? This training helps in producing new neurons resulting in increasing the reasoning ability, concentration, and memory.

• Improve cardiovascular health: Regular training decreases the risk of heart diseases and blood pressure, uplifts the metabolism, and boosts immunity levels.

• Better posture: Long sitting hours can affect our posture which can lead to discomfort and pains. This training gives you the flexibility of getting off of your desk or couch and performing a simple routine in no time. This will break your rest motion, plus energize you.

• Easy weight management: You matter what people say, exercising daily is a great way to manage your weight bars. You can either aim for losing some pounds or gain some, and if you’re lucky enough to have your desired weight you can maintain it easily.

• Injury prevention: When you work on strengthening your muscle, injury avoidance becomes effortless. Your stability and flexibility will improve allowing you to move properly. Your overall balance will also get better making you less prone to injuries.

• Beginner-friendly: It is definitely suitable for newcomers, who have no idea about the right methods. Because it is the basis of all exercises. And before going to any weight lifting in the future, it would be great to build stamina and power.

• Customizable: You can mix and match different exercises to get better results. Like you create a workout by joining chest and back muscles or one with core and thighs. You are free to do anything unless it harms you.

15-minute bodyweight workout for beginners

1. Push-ups: Everyone is aware of them. They might be the first exercise you have performed when you included workouts in your routine. They act on your upper body, core, and lower half, all at once. You can do them traditionally or with modifications as per your comfort e.g. wall push-ups, incline push-ups, etc.

Push ups

How to do:

• Get on all fours on the ground.

• Bend your body downward in line with the ground.

• Now lift your body while keeping your back straight and core tightened.

• Do a set of 10 push-ups.

2. Squats: They might seem easy but are pretty tough in the beginning. They engage your lower body completely, promoting fat reduction and stronger muscles.


How to do:

• Stand with your legs at hip-width.

• Keeping your torso straight, bend your knees horizontal to the ground.

• Get back to the original position.

• Do a set of 10 squats.

3. Jumping jacks: it is a complete package. Your arms, shoulders, legs, core, thighs every part of your body has to take part in this exercise. Amazingly you can burn calories with a single exercise while being in the same place

Jumping Jacks

How to do:

• Stand straight on the ground. Lift your arms over your head as you jump and open up the legs at shoulder-width.

• Perform the repetitions of these two positions as fast as you can.

• Do a set of 20 jumping jacks.

4. Mountain climber: Another amazing full-body exercise that works efficiently to build up strength. It also gives you the benefit of a plank where you hold the body against gravity.

Mountain Climbers

How to do:

• Start with the plank position.

• Now bring one leg close to your chest while keeping another leg backward.

•  Alternatively, shift your legs until it feels like you’re running.

• Do a set of 30 seconds

5. Forward lunges: Improve your back and leg muscles’ strength and stability with this exercise. They are easy and fun to do. And it works on your joints too.

Forward lunges

How to do:

• Stand with hip-width apart. Put forward your one leg.

•  Bend it and move your body down to almost touching the ground.

• Get back to standing and repeat with the other leg.

• Do a set of 10 lunges.

Points to remember

• Focus on correct form: The first thing while doing an exercise is to learn the proper form and technique. It doesn’t matter if you work out for hours, you’re not going to see results if your posture is wrong. Moreover, poor form can lead to discomfort and injuries.

• Little by little increase: It is the foundation of any training program. After learning the technique, go for the lowest intensity levels of training. When it started to feel easy then gradually increase the intensity. And continue this until you acquire your goals. In this way, you wouldn’t put excessive pressure on your body and get success.

• Smaller rest period increased reps: in bodyweight training, you can do the same routine and get different results. How? By increasing the repetitions and decreasing the rest duration. This way your heart rate will be up and you’ll get better outcomes.

• Get guidance: It’s no shame to go to a professional for help. There’s no better place to learn than a trainer. And if you have no idea where to start your bodyweight training, don’t worry. Fitness Dabba is here for you.

We have a team of certified yoga and fitness trainers who can help you in mastering and achieve your health and fitness goals. If you find it hard to maintain your well-being, reach us and join our fitness courses.

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