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Imagine getting fit with yoga training customized to your own schedule, preferences, and fitness level. That's what you'll get with Fitness Dabba.

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Always deliver more than expected.

Deliver more than what is expected of you with every class you take and every training you receive with Simplified Yoga Training. Not only will you be improving your mental and physical wellbeing, but you'll be setting the bar high for yourself - always striving to be better. With our help, you'll be able to reach new heights and discover your true potential.


After receiving a good response from our current members, we’re thriving to expand our Fitness family. You can also be a part of our family. Join now.

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How our Yoga Training will help you

• Yoga Improve your posture.

• Increase your body flexibility.

• Build muscle strength.

• Helps to fight with Diseases.

• Helps in lowering blood sugar

• Improve your mental health.

• Increase self esteem.

• Helps you sleep better.

Yoga Training

$ 59
  • 5 days a week workout (Mon to Fri)
  • Experienced and certified instructors
  • Customize Your Yoga Training Schedule
  • Build Strength, and Balance with Yoga
  • Get Professional Guidance


What they say about us

Ms. Shruti
Ms. Shruti UAE

Working out has become much more fun in "Fitness Dabba" because now I actually know what I'm doing. Thanks for putting together my training program and helping me achieve the results. You truly are a professional. “A good coach improves your game. A great coach improves your life.”

Arun Sharma

Hey, My reason to join fitness dabba was clear just to do exercise every day because I am a businessman I don’t have much time for myself and to do exercise alone is a big task for me but joining fitness dabba was my best decision because these guys put me on track so that I can easily follow the fitness schedule.

Rohit Kumar
Mr. Rohit USA

Anoop is an awesome instructor and the regular workout schedule has helped me feel healthy and energetic. Depending on where the feedback will go on your website please feel free to make changes to put the relevant level of details.

Kavaya Awasthi

Hello, I am working in IT company due to my hectic schedule I was not able to do workout , and because I was not doing workout my back and neck got stiff this was the major task for me to do work on laptop with stiffed muscles. But thanks to FD Team, 45min workouts a day with different exercises everyday gives me freshness and make me feel good and my stiffness is all gone. Now I feel energetic throughout the day and can do more work.

Mrs. Ravi
Mr. Ravi UAE

Anoop just wanted to thank you and your team for getting me fit and back on track again! I love the fact that we are pushed to stretch ourselves within a safe and supportive environment. Really enjoying myself – it’s a great group of people and fantastic trainers.

Yashika Malhotra

Hi, I am house wife because of bad eating habits and stress I put on weight as a lady putting on weight is the worst thing I have ever done. I joined fitness dabba just to lose weight but these guys suggest me to do exercise regularly and some changes in diet. so now after losing my 5 kg I am very thankful to you guys who listen my things and helped me . Fitness dabba really unboxed the joy of fitness for me.

Mr. Sidhrath
Mr. Sidharth USA

Fitness Dabba has exceeded all my expectations of my personal fitness goals. It has mixed of sessions of relaxing yoga, power yoga, cardio, weight training, HIIT, etc, and the instructors here really push you to achieve your goals. The instructors give very close attention to each of us and demonstrate/ help us to do the exercise in the right way.

Kavita Lumba

Hi, I am a house wife. All days are same for me, as its start with same routine, same household things, etc. Because of excessive work load my health got down, I could not able to stand as my legs were into Severe pain doctor said this is because of low blood circulation in body he prescribed me to do exercise every day for good health. So I joined fitness dabba & really helped me, it came as a savior. Now I feel relaxed throughout the day and energetic too.

Ms. Sadhna
Ms. Sadhna USA

Fitness Dabba is a one-stop full-body workout. I joined during the start of Covid and since then I have been enjoying the workout with the specialized instructors. Anoop and Sangeeta are all awesome with different exercise techniques.

Rahul Sharma

Hi, after completing my one month I am giving this review. You guys are awesome in what you do. All the exercises and awareness about fitness is quite helpful. Rather it brings the joy of fitness a real Joy of Fitness. Thanks a lot for creating value in my life.

    Live Yoga Training

    Grab our digital device and get ready to be in shape at home with our Live workout classes.

    Yoga Training
    Frequently Asked Questions

    In the end, Find answers to all of your doubts here.


    We take clients from all around the world from beginner to advanced and base the program design on your unique needs. The workouts will be focused on full-body training. This includes your current fitness level, goal, experience, schedule, and food preferences. The workout is conducted on zoom, where you can watch our trainer doing exercise. You will be monitored by the trainer & will correct the posture or form accordingly.

    • It’s a monthly program, 5 workouts in a week.
    • Separate batches for Yoga, HIIT, mobility, & flexibility enhancing exercises for beginners, Intermediate & advanced levels.
    • Whatsapp Group Interaction.
    • Healthy lifestyle discussions along with personal health-related discussions from time to time.
    • Internet banking
    • Paypal
    • Paytm
    • GPay

    You will be given 20 sessions in a month & each session will be of one hour.

    • We are generally off on major festivals & will be communicated to you 2 days prior.
    • No sessions on Saturdays & Sundays as per time zones.

    We don't give refunds but will adjust the fees if a request is made within the first 3 days of the program. To carry forward to next month under extreme circumstances.

    Regarding the Makeover session, video recording links will be provided which are password protected & each video is accessible for a week.

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