Looking for a place to start your yoga journey? 

Look no further than Fitness Dabba! Our trainers will help you gain strength, flexibility, and peace of mind.

Core Yoga

Embrace your inner strength and empower your body with multi-disciplinary Core yoga. This strenuous yoga routine will help you maintain balance and stability.

Hatha Yoga

Perform focused and controlled breathing techniques, yoga poses and calm your mind and body. 

Power Yoga

Burn your calories in this fast-paced style of yoga. By doing yoga asanas in rapid motion, you’ll be able to build up strength and endurance fast.

Flexibility With Yoga

Apart from the pain and discomfort, your shoulder, lower back, and thighs suffer the most from it.

Mental Health

In the past, if you talked about mental issues like anxiety, depression, or any kind of mental disorder, people would humiliate you.


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